Juliana Finch

Hey, I Love You

Photo by Robin Canady McNicholas @ The Earl in ATL, GA

Photo by Robin Canady McNicholas @ The Earl in ATL, GA

Juliana Finch “sounds the way a good bourbon tastes.”

A Georgia-born, North Carolina-based singer/songwriter with strong Americana roots, Juliana earns her spot in a long tradition of storytelling songwriters with a sultry, soothing voice and carefully crafted lyrics.

Everything from digital-era breakups to Celtic shapeshifters finds its way into her songs, which span the breadth of human experience in search of connection. Above all, she believes that everyone has a story to tell.


Juliana Finch wants to see you when you wake up.

Juliana has developed an online following, not just for her music and her close connection with her fans, but for posting pictures and videos of herself first thing in the morning under the hashtag #bedhead. What started out as a little joke soon grew to be her "brand", with friends and strangers alike tagging her into their own bedhead photos across social media platforms. Some shows are even billed as PJ Parties, with attendees encouraged to show up in their comfiest clothes.

Go ahead. Find her on social media @writeplayrepeat and show her your #bedhead.

photos by Mark Tioxon